PSD NHL Sim League

Summer's Worth of Waiting

(August 29, 2010)

It's been a summer's worth of waiting but starting the Sim League is getting close. The guys at fhockey have come as close to finishing the file as we need to get this thing started. I'm officially leaving all faith in their work as they've been doing this for years, so the file will not be touched. If that is not OK with you, I'm sorry but you don't have to participate. I'm sure I speak for a good amount of people when I say I'd like to get this thing started.

I have what I expect to be our save game file all loaded and ready to go. I'm gonna touch up the rest of the site, add a "Prospects Central" of sort for you guys in trade negotiations and soon after we will be starting Training Camp.

Thanks for the patience.


Minor NHLSL Updates


The PSD's NHLSL has some few minor updates.

-Although no official start date has been set it is looking like it will start towards the end of the Mock Off-season

-It is looking like the draft will be done consisting of two live rounds and a simming of the rest of the draft

-Team Pages at the PSD forums are half done with the Western Conference complete along with the Atlanta Thrashers Team Page


These are all subject to change and nothing is set in stone.



NHL Sim League Up and Running

(June 2010)

Head over to the new NHL Sim League forum to sign up now. Get your application in now before teams are handed out.

Feel free to recruit somebody if you feel like they will be a good addition to the league.

If you miss out on the first round of teams, make sure to stay up to par. A 'Waiting List' will be started and it is first come first serve. If it's your turn on the list you will be given first priority to any team where a GM was relieved or had to quit.

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